This is my anti-blog of blogs! My aim is to post about lifestyle, events, fashion, food, décor, travel, beauty & other aesthetically pleasing aspects of my life. I’m not competing with anyone or making any statements. And I’m certainly not doing this as a means to start a business.......


Me Now

I live in San Francisco with my handsome hubby of 22 years & my two darling teenagers – my 18 year-old son & my daughter, who's 15. I swear a LOT & we joke around all the time. And no, they are not my best friends – I have plenty of those, so I’m their mom first and then their buddy!!

My husband & I met at my ex-boyfriend’s place in Pakistan (I promise he was already my ex at the time), dated for 3 months & got engaged, married 6 months later & 2 months later moved from Karachi to San Francisco.


Me Then

After finishing art school in Pakistan, I worked simultaneously at an advertising agency & as a fashion model. My family still lives in Pakistan & we LOVE going back  every winter.

I successfully started & ran my company, ISLY Handbags, for 6 years. But while it was a fabulous ride, I decided to pack it up in May 2016. I was away from home way too much, had stopped cooking on a regular basis (therapeutic for me) & towards the end of it became a bit of a monster due to the stress it created. However, I do feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment for having taken an idea and building it from scratch into something so substantial!


My Loves

Other than the hubby and kids, I LOVE being in my pjs (especially around & after 6pm if we are not going out), cooking, dark chocolate, rosé, bread and discovering new skin care products! Oh, and of course, Idris Elba!!



I grew up enjoying James Bond films & loved 007’s catchphrase, “Shaken, Not Stirred” as his preferred prep for martinis.

Well, Sobia Shaikh…. Shaikhen…. pretty obvious, right?

And “Stirred” because I somehow stir things up. I’m direct to the point of bluntness, cannot stand fake people & fake friendships & ALWAYS try to speak my mind. As a result, I can end up saying things that make people uncomfortable, which is USUALLY not my intention ..... :) 

More later.....xx