Denim, Sneakers and Sparkles


Thought I'd do a quick and fun post the day before Thanksgiving! Love these crisp and light-filled pics my very talented photographer, Ricci, took in my current favorite denim jacket. I still remember the first denim jacket my mom bought for me when I was 11. It had big silver buttons, a wide collar and was a tad snug on me. And, I thought I looked sensational in it!! I had a George Michael haircut at the time - no, seriously I did! I'm heading to Pakistan in December and I'll look for that pic and if I do manage to find it I'll post it for you to see:) Anyway, every time I wore the slightly tight jacket I felt like the queen of the world! The fact that my hairstyle made me look like a complete clown did not even cross my mind. I guess there's something to be said about my confidence at that age:)) Wait a second ... I just realized, 37 years too late, that it was not a new jacket but in fact, a hand me down from my sister!!! Really Ami (Urdu for mom - and no, we don't speak Pakistani in Pakistan, the language is called Urdu), you couldn't tell me? And why the hell did I not notice it then? More stuff to discuss with Ami in December, inshallah:) 


When I saw this jacket online I was drawn to it immediately. It's light blue, distressed denim with Off-White's signature diagonal stripes printed on the sleeves, which in my mind are the epitome of street style.  The cool thing about the frayed sleeves is that they seem to have the appearance of a pair that was too short and had to be let down - it's a very clever and deliberate detail. I normally avoid denim on denim, even if it's "in fashion" but somehow when I slipped the jacket on with my dark denim jeans it just worked. I did, however, wear it with a cocktail dress a few weeks ago and loved the contrast of my silk dress with the denim along with this dark pinkish, purplish, plum velvet bag! This delectable quilted velvet shoulder bag is embellished with Swarovski crystals and the beaded feather motifs on either side of the signature dull gold GG plaque are so very sexy. Yes, IMHO (my kids are cringing) bags and shoes can be very sexy too!!


The last detail of this look is my pair of white sneakers. If you've seen my Instagram you'll know that I own an assortment of white sneakers. This brand produces handcrafted pieces and may just be one of my most cherished possessions. The silver toe cap and the stamped "Arigato" on the side are sweet touches. They come in a beautiful pastel-pink rose gold leather as well which are definitely on my wish list!


Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!

A special thank you as always to my lovely photographer (for the flowers and the photos),      Ricci Candé of Rust and Flourish

Always the stirrer, Sobia


GG Marmont Embroidered Velvet Mini Bag - Gucci

Denim Trucker Jacket - Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh 

High-Rise, Flared Crop Jeans  - Mother

Metallic-Trimmed White Sneakers - Axel Arigato

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I'm sorry but I couldn't quite find a more reasonably priced bag alternative - i did see a few but none that i really liked or any that were very similar to this particular one!

As for the sneakers, I found a few similar pairs but they were higher priced than these ones so I chose not to mention them:)