36 Hours In New York!


The high school application process is in full swing for Lyali – as she writes her essays, we pen ours (yup, parents have to write essays too), WHILE I prepare for our upcoming trip to Karachi (my FAAAAVORITE part being the 14 hour flight to Dubai – no, seriously it is. NOBODY can bother me since I’m offline and I can have lots of red wine and watch Bollywood movies and read my book) WHILE I buy fun gifts for the family back home WHILE I run around for holiday gifts locally WHILE neglecting to get our holiday card ordered in time (sorry family & friends, it’s not you it’s me, so no holiday card from The Shaikhs this year and N isn’t exactly thrilled about it but will hopefully get over it soon) WHILE Nadir and I decide that there couldn't be a better time to take a 36 hour trip to New York to see my sister-in-law’s new apartment. And that’s where this post takes on a different format!


Thursday. Dec 7. 6PM – Arrive in New York, check into the opulent Gramercy Park Hotel, unpack, shower, change and head down to the very sexy Rose Bar.

9PM - Dinner at Keith McNally’s, Cherche Midi. Kale Salad and Lobster Ravioli for me and Grilled Octopus followed by Cherche Midi Burger for Nadir. And LOTS of bread for me and a bit for him. Other restaurants operated by KM: Balthazar, Morandi (Italian food that we are obsessed with), Minetta Tavern, Pastis (currently closed).

12.30AM – N’s snoring like there’s no tomorrow and I’m cursing him … lovingly, of course (not).

Friday. Dec 8. 6AM. Nadir leaves for a day trip to Boston and I sleep in till 8, then 9 and then 10AM. Just beautiful!!

10AM – 12PM – Order coffee and oatmeal, shower, take countless self-timed pics on my handy dandy Canon, eat the oatmeal (cold by now but the pics turned out great and that’s all that matters;), put on 300 layers (it’s 36 degrees outside), plus my face (aka make-up) and leave the hotel. Almost. More pics in the beautiful lobby ensue. So pretty, so sexy –sinful to not take these photos!

12.30PM – 1.10PM – Walk to David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea to see Yayoi Kusama’s Festival of Light Exhibit.

1.10PM – 4.05PM – Stand in line in the FREEZING cold (literally freezing, since the temperature has dropped to 32 degrees) for 2 hours and finally make it inside to view the 3 magical installations. It’s SOOOO worth it! The wait on weekends is apparently 4 hours!!! Very, very pleased at my own determination and armed with a sense of accomplishment head to my candy store … no, not Dylan’s, I mean adult candy store, otherwise known as Bergdorf Goodman. YUMMMM!


4.45PM – 6PM – Arrive at The Mothership (Bergdorf:) and head straight down to the Charlotte Tilbury make-up counter in the basement level to indulge (and reward ) myself.  Don’t judge me, I totally earned it after that bitter cold. I know folks in places like New York and Chicago are rolling their eyes while I have conniptions at a mere 32 degrees, but I’m a California girl and that is VEEEEERY cold for us Californians! Try out all the new delicious products, replenish what I’ve run out of and end up with a lovely make-over by one of the make-up artists who’s just adorable (she tells me several times I look 35 at the most, so of course, she’s adorable). Quickly browse the second floor – it’s the shoe salon and I’d be nuts to miss it!

6PM – 7.15PM – Start walking on 5th Avenue, pass Rockefeller Center with it’s brilliantly lit Christmas Tree surrounded by a zillion dazzling silver and gold lights, stop for a quick cup of coffee and continue the long but lovely walk back to our hotel. Yay baby, I’ve earned the dessert I’ll be consuming later!

7.15PM - 7.45PM – Nadir’s back from Boston and ready to go to his sister’s place. I decide to punt the cute red dress I was planning to wear (especially since I’m already made-up), so I throw on some jewelry and we walk over to her place for drinks.


9PM – Arrive at ABC Kitchen with Lil Sis, my nickname for my sis-in-law and Nadir and meet up with my darling niece, who goes to school in Brooklyn. The four of us have a wonderful meal, followed by DIVIIIINE desserts and call it a night.

12AM – The snoring is back … delighted one of us is sleeping well!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday. Dec 9. 6AM – Our flight takes-off for San Francisco. It snows a couple hours after our departure and despite all my complaints about the weather I’m sad to have missed it. But there’ll be plenty of snow in the coming months and we’ll be back soon.


Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!

Always the stirrer, Sobia