Velvet, She Said!

The term "autumn" always rolls off my tongue more easily than "fall" does, given my British education, even though I've lived in the United States for 20 years now. There are so many delicious autumn pieces that I want to share and discuss with you but here are my some of recent true loves.  

My Fall Favorites -  the color red, velvet (clothes and accessories), white boots (channeling John Travolta, ladies & gentlemen) and a touch of Off-White (as in Virgil Abloh, not the color, although of late the color off-white has definitely made a resurgence).


So, here I am, officially launching my blog ... finally! I have to admit, that though I'm currently treating this as more of a hobby, I do feel a bit daunted at the prospect of bringing it to you. Will I live up to the hype I've inadvertently created? Should I go for it? What if it doesn't appeal to people? Hell, do I even write well at all? But the good thing is that I've done this before with the launch of ISLY, my handbag business:) So, armed with that knowledge and experience, I'm diving in here as well and hope that you will enjoy my blog as I keep it fun, simple and true to who I am.

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