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So, I’m already quite nostalgic about Isaad leaving for college. We all head to New York at the end of August to drop and “deposit” him at his new home for the next four years, inshallah! As clichéd as it sounds, I cannot help thinking how rapidly time has flown. I mean, wasn’t it Sept 21st 2000 just yesterday? I still remember those crazy, sleepless nights because he would not sleep before 3AM and drive us completely nuts!! This went on till he was about 7 months old, when we finally decided to “Ferberize” him. (Lyali, on the other hand slept so well the first night we brought her home that Nadir and I both panicked and woke her up from her peaceful 5 hour slumber so I could nurse her:) Isaad’s terrible twos continued well into his 5th year – he was sooooooooo naughty and active that I would take him to the park three times a day so he could blow off steam. Anyway, I don’t want to bore you all with his personality traits and how we addressed each stage of his life. Suffice it to say, that I consider it one of my life’s biggest gifts to have been blessed with the task of raising my two children and I can confidently say that, I believe, I’ve done a great job … so far!  (More about you, Lulu, in a few years, so please don’t think I’m leaving you out here, my darling).


There were aspects of my life or I should perhaps say, there were stages in my life where I doubted myself. – a lot. And, as a result of this doubt I became self-deprecating. Old habits die hard and I still run myself down at times but it’s to a far, lesser extent than in the past.  With time, I have grown more comfortable in my skin and learnt how to deal with situations while accepting that I’m not superwoman and CANNOT possibly excel at everything.

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With this realization came an ease which further relaxed me into believing in myself and appreciating myself. However, at the risk of sounding over-confident now, I did not, even for a second, question or doubt, my parenting choices. Fortunately for us, Nadir and I were on the same page (mostly) so even in challenging parental moments we were able to stick together and stand firm with our kids.

The reason I’ve brought this up in this blog post today is because I strongly believe that we have to trust our gut and instinct(s). Often, we don’t do so. I speak for myself, when I say, that at times I too have ignored that deep down feeling and later recognized that my first instinct was, in fact, right. You know, that inner voice that tells you you’re doing the right or wrong thing? For instance, that inner voice that insisted that I post these “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” inspired pics with this particular post!! Believe it! Believe IN it! And follow it! Whole heartedly!! Do not second guess yourself. Of course, take all the advice you want to but at the end of the day FYG (Follow Your Gut;).

Lastly, before I go, I want to share one more thing with you. The idea that I wanted to write a blog and talk about meaningful topics, along with all my fashion and travels, occurred to me almost five years ago. At the time, I was still running Isly Handbags and did not have the bandwidth to take on another project. I still recall thinking to myself that this (meaning, write a blog) is what I truly want to do one day. And somehow, I want to execute it in a manner that will be honest and sincere. I can once again, confidently say, that I followed my gut and have zero doubts that I made the right decision. I love sharing all my travel and fashion ideas, hotel suggestions, restaurant recommendations, skincare/beauty tips, fashion week adventures, fitness/diet goals and so much more with all of you. I may have found my true calling …. by being gut-sy:) Hope you will too!! xxx

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Thank you for visiting & reading my blog post! Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) AND Thank you to my favorite San Francisco boutique, HeidiSays (2426 Fillmore Street) for lending me this beautiful neutral sweater and pair of pants!!! Last but not least, MANY Thanks to my sweetheart, Sophia Nawabi for my make-up:)) And to Ricci at Rust and Flourish for these chic pics. Hugs, Sobia

Sweater - Tibi Similar Here, Here, Here

Pants - Smythe Similar Here, Here

Shoes - Charlotte Olympia (Mine)

Scarf - Vintage (Mine)

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