Lisbon, I Love You...


We finally made it to Portugal and Spain this summer and I fell madly in love with Lisbon! With its ancient mosaics & breathtaking architecture, along with its quaint winding streets that lead you from one unique neighborhood to another, Lisbon truly is like no other city I've ever visited. The Chiado and its neighboring Bairro Alto neighborhoods, with their trendy & chic restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and bars were my absolute favorites! For a taste of traditional Portuguese food accompanied by the mystical Fado singing, Clube De Fado was simply divine. The warm & friendly people, their beautiful language and the taste of their delicious & time-honored custard tart, Pastel de Belém has left a lasting impression on me and my family.


What truly surprised me most was the superior quality of the restaurants in Lisbon, particularly the Michelin starred Mini Bar by Jose Avillez, where among other things we had Green apple Margaritas (to eat) & Foie Gras Ferrero Rocher bonbons (a main course)!

The stunning Peña Palace in Sintra literally looks out of a fairytale. I’ve added a few pics here, but honestly the photographs do not justify or capture the beauty and essence of this castle that is located on top of a hill in the mountains of Sintra. We stayed  in Lisbon for just 3 days and managed to cover a lot of ground but I cannot wait to go back there and discover more of Portugal! I think the next trip will be without Isaad and Lyali……love you, my babies, but Baba and I will be taking this trip on our own!!!


Needless to say, I am blessed beyond words to travel the world as often as I do. It seemed fitting, therefore, to write my second blog post about a part of my life that I so gratefully appreciate and feel fortunate enough to share with you.

Thanks again for stopping by and I so look forward to hearing from you!

Always the stirrer, Sobia