Nothing Hazy about Hayes Valley

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So, one of the things I decided to focus on with my blog is to highlight all the unusual (and usual, although almost everything is unique about our beautiful city) aspects of my beloved San Francisco. This was one of the first photoshoots we did and although I HATE it when people compare San Francisco (also, puhleeeease refrain from referring to our city as 'Frisco' or 'San Fran') to any other city but Hayes Street reminds me a little bit of a pretty Paris street, given that it has no standard brand name stores that one does come across in other similar neighborhoods around here. Not that anything's wrong with it - I do love my Starbucks Matcha Latte with a passion - but Hayes is what I consider to be the opposite of SF downtown in that it has a unique perspective on boutiques (Acoté), restaurants (Monsieur Benjamin & Rich Table), bars (Linden Room) & bakeries (Miette).  

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This is, without fail, one of my first stops when I take out-of-town family and friends around town. Hence, it was a natural decision (which I honestly did not put much thought into but mutually decided on with Ricci) to shoot this fun casual look for this post on this street. Full disclosure: interestingly enough, none of the pieces I'm wearing here are from Hayes Valley and that in itself is a dichotomy that I'm personally relishing:) My t-shirt, sunglasses and handbag were bought on a trip to New York. The shoes and jeans are from my darling shopping destination Net-a-Porter. And my jacket is from San Francisco - indeed from a department store in Union Square.

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Although, I bought this baseball jacket less than a year ago, it has literally become my travel staple and you've probably seen it displayed on my Instagram a hundred times. And, a very well-traveled jacket it is, having been to Karachi, Dubai, London, Paris, Saint Tropez, Mexico & New York with me!!

I hate to admit this but the jeans make me look a little hip-py (not of the flower child & Haight Ashbury variety) but they are so comfy that I disregard this hip-py-ness (I know that's not really a word but you get the gist, right?) and wear them frequently. The Mary Jane pumps remind me of the shoes both my grandmothers used to wear - minus the pearls and the heels. They literally evoke an old-world, 60's sentimental nostalgia every time I wear them and needless to say, the block heel is far easier to navigate than a stiletto.

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The orange bag - need I say more? Sweet little story about this bag: I'd been looking for an orange bag for years and after I dropped Lyali to her 3-week camp outside New York last July, I was hit by this heart-wrenching, bone-crushing, debilitating sadness (especially as I returned to the hotel where I sat and cried like a freak as soon as I caught a whiff of her "Lyali-ness" in the clothes I was taking back to SF). So, I "put on some lipstick & pulled myself together" and headed to buy this bag that I'd drooled over online. Do I sound spoiled? Yes, I know I do! But does this bag now have this emotional connection for me that always reminds me of my Lulu when I look at it or carry it? YES, a million times over:))

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Of course, I've added my suggestions for comparable clothes, shoes and bags here but more importantly I love sharing little tidbits about my life as I write these weekly pieces for you. Would love to hear any emotional connections you have or have developed over the years with some of your favorite fashion pieces. I so look forward to reading your perspective!!

Thank you as always for visiting my blog and for taking out the time to read my posts🙏🏽

Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) Hugs, Sobia

A special thank you as always to my lovely photographer Ricci Candé of Rust and Flourish


Pink Mary Janes (on sale now but still may be steep so an option below) - Net A Porter

Cropped Skinny Jeans (great price as these too are on sale) - Net A Porter

Orange Handbag - Mark Cross

Wool Bomber Jacket - Saks Fifth AVenue