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Diet Nada (yes, a play on the IG account Diet Prada:)
My Baba and Paris!!!
Happy Birthday, ShaikhenAndStirred!
Mad For PFW - Nope that’s not an acronym for Paris Fashion Week....
Black Taxis and Red Buses… plus my favorite London restaurants too!
Net-A-Porter & Moi!
Falling in Love (Part 2) - Soul Sisters
Falling in Love (Part 1) - Taking the Plunge
Thank you ♥️
Chanel At Paris Fashion Week
Ski, Me?? No, Thanks!
Nothing Hazy about Hayes Valley
Playing Tourist In My City Of Birth!
Casual Stroll Down Some Nob Hill Lane In My Other Chunky Knit Sweater
HO-HO-Holidays - Part Deux
HO-HO-Holidays - Part Un