HO-HO-Holidays - Part Deux


We've been in Karachi four days and have only six and a half more days left before we return to San Francisco. Accomplished a lot in these last few days - not:) All I've done is spend time with family, sleep, eat, lounge in my pjs (remember, that's my all time favorite ensemble) and then indulged in these strenuous activities all over again. Well, we did go to a super fun party, called the Sind Club Ball, where I bumped into some of my high school friends, my first boss from the advertising agency where I used to work, a couple of Pakistani friends from San Francisco who've moved back here and a friend who was with me in 5th grade:) And of course, the bump in with two ex-boyfriends occurred as well  - one of whom I CANNOT believe I dated and I'll leave it at that and one who's definitely cuter now than he was when we were briefly together. THANK GOD, I had made the effort to dress up in my snazzy red jumpsuit (pics and details in the upcoming Karachi post) and looked (even if I say so myself) good! Ha - I did say that out loud!!!

Oh, and so much for keeping traditions alive! Remember, I was going to go get Nadir from the airport? Well, you would have if you'd read the last post! Anyways, I didn't make it since his flight was delayed almost 4 hours and it was waaaaay too late at night to go. The good news is we are all here together:))) 


Anyways, back to my Holidays Part Deux looks, which involve a tub, a crown/tiara, a shocking pink hair-on chair and my favorite (yes, I'm using this word yet again) gown. Here I am in my (you guessed it) pjs, in my sister's beautiful and  oh-sooo-cozy home with a cup of chai as I compose this blog post. When Ricci came over to my place in SF for this photoshoot a few weeks ago she mentioned that she really wanted to take some pics of me all dressed up but inside my tub. Needless to say, I jumped (literally) at the idea of planting myself in the tub with my gown on. I wore it a couple years ago for one of the most fun events in San Francisco called the Mid-Winter Gala. It's made of exquisite beige lace interwoven with black and silver motifs with rose gold hued beads on the bodice.It is quite possibly one of the most feminine (read princess - yes, move over Meghan) pieces in my closet. I love repeating my dresses because it always offers a fresh opportunity to style a previously worn piece in a new and creative manner - enter tub and tiara!


My second dress here is by Andrew Gn, whose chic, sculptural and feminine aesthetic along with his attention to the minutest of details makes him hands down one of the most coveted and desirable designers of our day. This green and black animal print jacquard mini-dress with balloon sleeves is sexy without revealing too much of the body. 


BTW, I do want to clarify that the reason I haven't added similar dress options here or in my previous holiday blog is not because I've become lazy after writing one and a half blogs (being dramatic for effect, Ive definitely written a few more than that) and consider myself some fancy schmancy blogger (sorry, but I may have neglected to mention that I can be VERY sarcastic:) but more a function of these dresses/looks being very specific and I choose not to disrespect any of the designers by making suggestions that would be my recommendations for the sake of it. I promise to bring back the similar dress/bag/shoe concept suggestions in the upcoming posts. That's all:)


Happiest of holidays and a very Happy New Year to all of you. Once again, thank you for being sooooo supportive and I can't wait to share more exciting posts with you in 2018. Be naughty on New Year's Eve and I hope you will do all the things I would do;)) Hugs, S


A very special shout out and thanks to my longtime friend and make-up artist extraordinaire, Marisa Perel (Riss), for styling this shoot and of course, for my AMAAAAZING make-up.

And of course, to my favorite photographer, Ricci Cande of Rust & Flourish for ALWAYS getting what I want at our photo shoots without me having to articulate it. Love you ladies 😘😘

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!

Always the stirrer, Sobia