Ski, Me?? No, Thanks!


So, it's President Day's Week (I know, quite the mouthful) or what used to be known as Ski Week (I know, so entitled, but it is what it is) at both our kids' schools in San Francisco. I guess the idea is to enjoy your week off whichever way you'd like - have a staycation and catch up on episodes of Handmaid's Tale & Dark (would have been idyllic) now that I've finally finished Crown Season 2, go to Nicaragua with dear family friends (seeing pictures of the beautiful place they are staying at has given me a serious bout of FOMO, go skiiing (Ha!! That's funny, but nooo thank you -  it's way too much work AND I'm not a fan of subarctic weather) or come to New York, which is exactly where I'm writing this post from while taking a break from all our activities here:)


The weather has been co-operating with us since we landed here on Sunday night. Monday was thick coats/scarves/hats/gloves weather, Tuesday was just a thick sweater kind of day and yesterday, meaning Wednesday was just puuuuurfect at 70 degrees!! I'm not going to bore you with all that we've done here. What? You'd like to read a summary of it? Sure, here goes:) The first day we walked from our midtown hotel to Soho and yes, I stopped the family in several places to take these pics that I've decided to use in this post. One of my favorite things to eat in New York is those unhealthy, calorie-filled, honey glazed "Nuts for Nuts." Sadly, I still haven't seen them this time or maybe I'm doing my thighs a favor before I leave for Paris!! That night we ate at the Polo Bar and yes before you judge me I do realize that's very touristy of us but the meal was divine and our waiter was very handsome! Tuesday, we walked and shopped around the Upper East Side while Isaad went on a college tour and Nadir, Lulu and I finally met up with him at The Golden Goose (sneakers) store which I have lovingly labelled the new "Mothership" (old Mothership was Bergdorf and I'll always love it and visit it). Dinner was at the yummy Minetta Tavern. 


Wednesday was a quick visit to The Frick Museum (love, love, love that this was someone's home at one point and to learn how Henry and Adelaide Frick collected each of these art pieces was truly fascinating) followed by the musical "Hello Dolly" with Bernadette Peters. It was sweet, pretty and uplifting with no social or political message which honestly was rather refreshing, not that I have any thing against social/political messaging. Cocktails with my darling Mia (sweetmiajewels) and dinner at one of our favorite spots, Sant Ambroeus in West Village.

Today, both kids are spending some time with their friends, Nadir is working next to me and I'm finishing this up for you. Later we'll hopefully make a quick stop at The Met and then see my sweet niece for dinner at Morandi (another family favorite). Tomorrow we head to Miami to meet up with our friends (the friends who've been sending me those gorgeous pics from Nicaragua) and we are all counting the minutes till we see them. Alejandra and Maria, you better have fun stories for us!! 


Thank you as always for visiting my blog and for taking out the time to read my posts🙏🏽

Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) Hugs, Sobia

A special thank you to Lulu, Isaad and (in some cases) Nadir for these fun NY Pics. LOVE YOU!! 

Sweater - The Elder Statesman - Hero shop SF

Handbag - Manu Atelier