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A "friend" asked me recently why I Instagram so much. "None of your damn business," is not what I said 😂. So, I thought about it for a few minutes and came to a very simple realization. I Instagram (don't you love that it's a verb now?) because it makes me happy. In fact, it makes me VERY HAPPY. Period. We all have hectic lives - with or without kids . We all go through varying degrees of stress - in relationships or marriages or while navigating life while single. We all have horrible days as well as exceptionally fabulous days and in between those extremes we live our daily lives with average good-ish days (hope I'm not sounding too grim right now). 

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However, the common thread that binds everyone is that we all seek or look for some relief be it in the form of a getaway or just a cup of coffee (chai for me, please) with a book and noooo one around (my heaven) or watching an episode (or 5 as I did last night) of a mindless tv show. Will tell you later what show I'm totally obsessssssed with these days. 

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So, in that same vein I decided to start my own blog. It honestly provides not just a creative outlet for me but a relief of sorts especially when I'm agitated or annoyed with things or circumstances around me. For example, this week, I've been feeling a wee bit out of it. Maybe it's the weather or my middle age hormones (insert screaming face emoji) or the fact that it's soo bittersweet that I'm heading to the East Coast next week for college tours with Isaad. Yes, I still can't believe that my baby is heading to college in a year's time, inshallah. Who knows what's the cause of my not-so-good-mood for the last few days but what I do know is that my Instagram keeps me happy as does writing this post. Incidentally, I'm writing this at Divisadero Touchless Car Wash, as my car is finally getting cleaned ... after 3 months🙏🏽You know what's not making me happy? The fact that it's going to rain today and tomorrow and thereby ruin my newly washed car #nothappyatall

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And these pics have nothing to do with this writing. I'm posting them ... yes, you got it ... because they make me happy♥️Would love to hear about your "happy" so please do share some things that brighten your day or week or month!! Oh and the show I was referring to earlier is  Jane The Virgin - such a cute, easy & happy watch! You must add it to your list and I promise it will make you happy!

Thank you as always for visiting my blog and for taking out the time to read my posts🙏🏽

Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) Hugs, Sobia

A special thank you as always to my fabulous photographer Ricci Candé of Rust and Flourish