A Day With J'Amy Tarr

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The Blanket Coat in Rust  - (I love this pic despite the funny face:)

The Blanket Coat in Rust - (I love this pic despite the funny face:)

"Who the hell is this chic, pretty blonde with the calmest demeanor about her, generating such a frenzy among these women, all of whom want to try these .... jackets? Oooh, I need to try that jacket and that pink bomber is soo damn cute and what's that? Is that gorgeous piece a cape?? Now I need that too." That was my impression of  J'Amy Tarr, when I first saw her, over 5 years ago, in a booth across from mine at an event where we were selling our respective products as vendors. There were at least 15 - 20 women huddled around her, vying for her attention, as J'Amy tended to each one so patiently that it kind of annoyed me!! Successful, beautiful AND nice! Maybe, she's being kind to them because, well, she has to be nice to her clients, I thought (yes, I recognize that was evil and horribly presumptuous of me but I was getting a tad envious of her fame by this point). To add insult to injury, at our lunch break she walks over to me, introduces herself and starts admiring my handbags!! Really? I had no choice but to tell my inner devil to go take a hike!

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Over the next several trunk shows we started getting to know each other more and as time passed we would discuss the mutual shows we were participating in and hope we would be placed next to each other. Whenever time permitted, we would lunch together at Rose's Cafe in between designing new collections and kids' pick-ups! And now, even though I've packed up my business and J'Amy's has grown exponentially we still meet up for our lunch at Rose's as she fills me in about her world and vice versa:)

Well, I've already established that she's is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I've ever met in this cut throat apparel/fashion industry. The other thing that I truly admire about J'Amy is her never ending talent, her work ethic and her ability to constantly reinvent her designs as she creates one successful collection after another while staying true to herself. I know what I'm about to say may sound unreal but please bear with me. If I were to describe her outerwear in a few words this is how I would do it: High-end and luxurious, impeccably tailored yet affordable, chic yet not fussy, comfortable, feminine and timeless!

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Not surprising at all when you learn that she was a Levi's alum who perfected her craft working under American sportswear icon Michael Kors. SNL's Cecily Strong and Sports Journalist and SF Giants field reporter Amy G are huge fans and J'Amy and her company has been written up countless times in local and national publications. New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Racked, Refinery29, San Francisco Magazine, Life & Style, Nob Hill Gazette, WWD Thursday, Marin Magazine,  to name a few: https://jamytarr.com/blogs/press

Obsesssssed with J'Amy's mood board!!!!!!

Obsesssssed with J'Amy's mood board!!!!!!

In J'Amy, I've found a lifelong friend who is hardworking, beyond talented and beautiful to the core. Below I've also added a Q & A with J'Amy, which gave me very interesting insight into J'Amy Tarr, the woman and J'Amy Tarr, the brand. I so hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

What's your biggest source of inspiration? Incredible landscapes of Northern California continue to inspire me, from the dark windblown cypress trees, to deep red shades of the Redwood trees, to rocky majestic coastlines. There is a beauty beyond words in Northern California. This inspiration is referenced in my color palette choices, fabric textures and easy classic shapes that are timeless.

When did you start the company? The company was born 7 years ago. I started designing a full collection and quickly focused in on the jackets and coats. What better than a perfect jacket in the San Francisco Bay Area? 

What inspired you to start your company? I am a maker. I love geometry and pattern making. Designing and building clothing is like a puzzle. This business allows me to design/dream up interesting ideas, and then build them into a reality. My ultimate goal is always to create something that fits, feels great and people love.

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What part is the most challenging? When you have a great idea for a shape or fabric and you try it out and it doesn't work as you'd hoped. The silver lining is that sometimes roadblocks lead to even better ideas/outcomes. Pressure makes diamonds!

Who's someone in the fashion industry you look up to? The incomparable Dries Van Noten. 

If you could have anyone model your jackets (dead or alive) who would it be? Lena Headey.

Where do see your company & yourself in 10 years? I see myself continuing on the path I am on. It just feels right. Continuing to build my client base, open a retail location (something I am constantly asked about) and find ways to give back to my community and beyond.

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What's your favorite piece to date that you've designed? I love the Kimono GT. It's the most comfortable jacket I have ever worn. It's got a modern boxy fit for ultimate luxury and the race car stripe down the back - a wink to classic Italian Gran Turismo.

If you could choose one magazine or blog to be featured in which one would it be? I would love paint one of my moto jackets and have it featured in Art In America or ARTNews.

Any other comments? I'm so grateful to have spent the day with you in Mill Valley! I enjoyed showing you all of the hidden delightful places to snap some cool shots of you in my collection. You looked absolutely gorgeous in every shot. Thank you for your time and friendship! xo

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Thank you as always for visiting my blog and for taking out the time to read my posts🙏🏽

Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) Hugs, Sobia

A special thank you as always to my fabulous photographer Ricci Candé of Rust and Flourish