Feeling Off-White and Blue in Paris

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Okay, so I kind of lied to you guys! Not intentionally, I promise. Definitely, an inadvertent lie:) So, a few days ago I'd posted a pic on my Instagram and mentioned what I'd be working on for my next post, meaning this particular one that I'm currently writing. "Will be focusing on SOME of the shows I saw and some of the trends I loved" were my exact words. However, when I started going through all the pics on my camera (2500 or so) plus some on my Iphone (1000-ish) I realized I would not be doing justice to all the shows, trends, pics and Paris, of course, if I summed up the experience of about 3500 pics in one blog post. Hence, the idea of doing a series of shorter blog posts about some of my favorite shows and/or my own wardrobe favorites (like this blue dress by Off-White) was born. See, I told you it wasn't exactly a lie - I would NEVER do that to you!

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Anyhow, if it's not yet obvious here's a newsflash - I loooove everything Virgil Abloh designs and creates for his label, Off-White. Sadly, I didn't make it to his show this time but I'll keep trying for my upcoming PFW trips (#nevergivingup)!!! However, I did get invited to the Elie Saab show, another one of my absolute favorite designers and I decided to wear my favorite blue dress that day. Nadir had surprised (well, I kind of knew because I DO NOT like surprises:) me with a two-day visit, so I literally had 30 minutes to shower, change and put my face on (all my make-up) before a quick lunch with him prior to heading to the show, so there was no time left to do my hair. It's in a messy bun in some of these pics - but not exactly the off-duty model messy bun at all, which I wish were the case!!! There were a lot of high-slit/leg-revealing flowing chiffon dresses at the show, so the dress I was wearing kind of fit in well! Also prevalent amidst a cloud of dry ice smoke on the runway was fur, lace, fringe, ruffles and the color black. I LOOOVED that some of the models had thier hair tied up in pony-tails with black grosgrain (I think it was grosgrain) ribbon - a trend I am most definitely going to emulate this season. Here's a link to the glamorous show: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2018-ready-to-wear/elie-saab

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Oh, one more thing before I finish up here is that I bumped into Virgil Abloh.. twice:))) A cute pic of him posing for me is in my stories on Instagram(@sobiaashaikh), so yes, please follow me if you're not already doing so:) I first saw him at the Givenchy post-party where I stalked him, talked to him and took a pic with him and then again at Hotel Costes while having dinner a friend had invited us to since she always stays at this chic hotel. He was there with a bunch of folks including Bella Hadid (she's soooooo pretty AND opened his show in Paris - yes, the same show I wasn't invited to) having dinner as well and as tempted as I was to harass him again I chose not to do so and respectfully (read reluctantly) gave him his privacy!! Link to his insane show here: https://www.off---white.com/en/US

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Thank you as always for visiting my blog and for taking out the time to read my posts🙏🏽

Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) Hugs, Sobia

A super duper special thank you to my friend MaryBeth Shimmon for her patience and for all these incredible pics:)



White Boots - Gianvito Rossi

Blue Dress - Off-white

Handbag - Danse Lente Exclusive at netaporter

Grey Turtle neck under dress - Banana Republic

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