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Here's a thought - a blog post thanking everyone who helps me look good. And it takes a village the size of California, I kid you not!!!! #thankyouami&babafirstforthesegenes:) I know, I know, I sound obnoxious & sooo full of myself but seriously my parents are rather good looking, mashallah, & I'm kind of lucky to have received even some of it from them plus I'm practicing self-love these days, so ... Of course, go ahead & judge me ... after reading this post please!!

Skincare/Facials/Microneedling/Dermaplaning/Laser Treatments: SkinSpirit, Spa Radiance, Skin Care By Corrinne 

Fillers/Botox - A secret I'm not willing to divulge just yet but suffice it to say that I get them every 6-8 months. HH, I love you and everything you do to make me look young💃🏼

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Haircut/Hair Color/Weekly Blowouts (Need you ask?): Of course, the one & only Oro Salon - literally NO ONE in the world can do my hair like they do!!!!!

Eyebrows: Riss at Marisa Perel Makeup + Hair - the BEST eyebrows on the West Coast - Anastasia, I bet you're great but you ain't Riss🙌🏽

Mani/Pedi: Laurel Heights Nail Salon - adore those ladies.

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Eyelashes - Yup, recently started getting eye lash extensions too (the list gets longer each year...) and bat them I do, thanks to Madeleine Ing. DM me via Instagram or post a comment here and I'll be happy to share her info.

Make-up: Riss at Marisa Perel Makeup + Hair and Sophia Nawabi - the former is the queen of that glowy, dewy look and if you want smokey eyes like KKW (yes, we all follow KKW's Instagram, some of us admit it and some don't), Sophia is your girl!!

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Stylists: I don't have one but most of the shopping I do in SF is with Vicki Winston at Neiman Marcus. And with Jeff Luhmann online at Net-a-Porter. Vicki always knows what cocktail dresses & gowns I'll love for upcoming events and starts sending me pics the moment she eyes something she knows will work for me. Her chic dressing room at Neimans is filled with the most exquisite dresses & accessories and strewn between all those things is her Saint Tropez memorabilia. (A post about my summer trips to Saint Tropez coming soon:))  Jeff at NAP pushes me to think outside the box (he gently insisted that I buy white boots almost 2.5 years ago when I was certain he'd lost his mind if he thought I'd actually wear them. Ummm, not only do I LOVE them but the fact that they are still very much on trend is a testament to his fashion acumen💙Plus the Chanel & Dior boutiques in SF rock as does my favorite place Zara for trendy, reasonable pieces (a blog post just on that coming soon too). Last but not least HeidiSays, Isabel Marant & Intermix are some of my all time favorite places to find  the cutest clothes in SF.

Photographers: Ricci Cande at Rust and Flourish Florals, does most of my professional pics for these posts including this particular set of photos, that I love from our shoot in North Beach. We are both similar in that we are outspoken and don't mince our words so we get along famously and have the best chemistry at all our shoots! My babies, Isaad and Lyali of course (do they have a choice?) and on raaaaaare ocassions Nadir:)

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Thank you as always for visiting my blog and for taking out the time to read my posts🙏🏽

And a SPECIAL thanks to all the friends I mentioned above who I'm so blessed to have in my life:)

Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) Hugs, Sobia