More Plaid, Please!

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Imagine walking into a store where the walls & floor are all plaid and ... hang on, I need to start this again.

Imagine walking into the courtyard of a store where an adorable red Fiat bearing the name of the store on its license plate and a plaid design on its bonnet welcomes you in all its sweet glory. And, then you walk up three steps to enter a world of plaid - a space where the walls & floor are all plaid.

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This was my introduction to, Merci, in Upper Marais, an eclectic three-level, concept boutique in Paris with an adjoining cafe. Actually it has 3 cafes/canteens associated within and around the space. Btw, the store does revolving themes and it just happened to be plaid when I visited.

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Fun fact: Merci was co-founded in 2009 by Marie-France & Barnard Cohen, the founders of the kids label, Bonpoint & was subsequently sold to the owners of Gérard Darel, another cool French brand, in 2013. In addition, the store donates heavily to children’s causes in Madagascar.

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Back to me now! So, my friend, Chuck, and I were recovering from fashion week, which had ended the day before and he asked if I’d ever been to Merci. I’d read about it but never really made it there in person. Of course, we started with the most divine burrata toast and then sauntered into the store itself where I bought this green plaid or tartan, as they say it there, jacket.

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Needless to say, my obsession with plaid has reached epic proportions so I thought I’d recommend some pieces here for you all to stew over as well. Hopefully, you’ll bestow your closets with some plaid too, so my closet has some company. HPS - Happy plaid shopping:)

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Thank you as always for visiting & reading my blog post! Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) Hugs, Sobia

I’VE ADDED LINKS TO a few Plaid pieces FOR YOU BETWEEN $29.99 - $339

  1. Yellow & Black long Plaid Coat at Revolve - $248

    2. Another well-priced plaid coat option at Revolve - $162 (Sale)

    3. Red, Blue & Green PLaid Coat at Nordstrom - $299 (mY Fav.)

    4. Multi Blue Plaid Coat at Nordstrom - $170

    5. Pewter Plaid Blazer at Revolve - $168

    6. Plaid (Houdstooth really, but so pretty) semi sheer blouse at Intermix - $298

    7. Plaid blue cap sleeve Midi Dress at Intermix - $339 (sale)

    8. Multi Green Plaid Skirt at Nordstrom - $29.99 (sale)

    9. Plaid Black & White top at Intermix - $159 (sale)

    10. Plaid hoodie at Shopbop - $79.50 (Adooorable)

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