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In my continued effort to support female entrepreneurs, I am THRILLED to introduce to you, Mirta de Gisbert, a personal jewelry consultant I met earlier this year at Joe the Juice on Fillmore Street. Not only do I consume copious amounts of juice and often sit and write my blogs from JTJ but on occasion meet super interesting people there whom I end up writing blogs about, much to my delight!!! So, once we got chatting it was literally a matter of minutes before I realized how completely mesmerized I was with Mirta. Her intelligence, wit, kind and gentle manner not to be mistaken for her fierce resolve and determination which has led her to start her own successful business at such a young age coupled with her pretty, dainty looks & laid back uber chic European style (yup, these Europeans somehow always get it right - sooo annoying) are just some of the qualities that set her apart and honestly blow you away. You can read all the fascinating details about how Mirta turned her passion for jewelry into a career below but some words of advice to you before you get started: if you want to save your time, effort & money prior to and during the stressful jewelry purchasing process, Mirta is your gal! Fashion and fine jewelry, new styles and unique designers, engagement rings and bespoke pieces are all her forte. So, buckle up as you scroll down and discover more about Mirta from her time living and growing up in South Africa to her glamorous time at Sotheby’s and Burberry and now in San Francisco and if you’re not a fan by the end of it (much like moi), I’ll be rather surprised! Of course, her beautiful apartment screamed photoshoot the second I walked in and given how much I love photos (as do you) here are some of the ones that I absolutely adore. Plus, there's a cameo by Mirta's adoooorable frenchie, Mosi, short for Mosi oa Tunya, the name for Victoria Falls in Tonga, meaning The Smoke That Thunders":)

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DESCRIPTION - I am a personal jewelry consultant and GIA certified gemologist. I provide my clients with objective and unaffiliated jewelry recommendations, tailored to their style, jewelry needs, and budget (starting at $50 and going up to … whatever you fancy).

ORIGIN - Spain (born in Madrid and family is from the Basque Country) but I grew up in South Africa where I lived with my family for 21 years. (She told me a very sweet & moving story about growing up in South Africa, where nobody wore jewelry but she remembers being a child and anxiously awaiting the moment when they would return back to Europe and her mom would go to the bank to take out the jewelry. At the time she was too young to be allowed into the vault so her mom would only be able to select a few pieces to take out to show Mirta. Once she was old enough to enter the vault, she said, she would spend hours analyzing the different stones and pieces, revisiting the origin and story behind each piece & never tire of those stories).

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BACKGROUND - I officially entered the jewelry industry when I interned for Jessica McCormack in London, which was  followed by a Graduate Gemology degree from the GIA. Prior to launching my own jewelry consultancy, I lived in Johannesburg, Madrid, Washington, D.C., London and am now based in San Francisco. I have worked at Edelman (SF), Sotheby’s, Burberry & Jessica McCormack (London) and Paula Mendoza (Washington D.C). I hold a B.S. in International Business and Marketing from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

FIRST PIECE OF BUSINESS - Upon launching, my mom wanted to be my first client. She selected the Gold Package in Fine Jewelry which gets you six tailored recommendations. She fell in love with the Julie Vos Byzantine Link necklace I found for her.

CURRENT HOME - I live in San Francisco but am currently working with clients from Europe, Africa & of course, the United States.

DESCRIBE THE JEWELRY YOU WEAR - Every piece I wear has a story, whether it’s a piece I bought for myself, that was handed down to me or that I received as a gift. I enjoy mixing different designs as well as metals and gemstones. Jewelry is a form of self-expression for me so I let my mood and intention dictate what I wear each day.

LOVE YOUR BRAND LOGO – WHAT’S THE STORY? - I chose the wax seal because it has the romantic and traditional feel that jewelry evokes but I chose the Klein Blue because it is a modern color and approachable to both men and women.

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FIRST PIECE OF JEWELRY YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH - It was a ruby and diamond pinky ring that belonged to my mom.

JEWELRY ICON - Elizabeth Taylor and Iris Apfel.

JEWELRY THAT YOU WEAR EVERY DAY (Mirta wears a combination of many beautiful pieces on a daily basis but here are a few that truly stuck out to me, given the significance and emotional attachment associated with each piece)

Mother and daughter bracelet set from Starling. I gifted one to my mom last December, but she passed earlier this year, so I wear hers with mine – it’s a daily reminder that we will always be together.

Cartier Love ring: A Christmas present from my husband given to me on a trip to Rome with my family which happens to be when he asked my father for my hand in marriage.

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Index finger: Double Spiral ring by Maria Black given to me by my brother for my 31st birthday. My brother has always been my best friend and on this ring I consider the two silver stud ends to represent him and I. Coincidentally, one is slightly larger so that would be me, the big sister, and the other one my brother.

My platinum wedding band. In Spain both husband and wife wear the same type of band. My husband and I wanted our wedding bands to be the same as a symbol of being one.

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YOUR STYLE - Depending on the day: classic with an edge or boho chic.

LAST PIECE OF JEWELRY YOU BOUGHT AND LOVED - A bracelet from MyIntent Project with the words “It’s OK” engraved. Throughout the years, I have given my inner critic quite the platform and I am currently trying to quieten it. I have learned that by putting my hand over my heart and saying “It’s OK” I am counteracting the negative voice with love, compassion and acceptance. It might seem like a simple phrase, but it is powerful.

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THE BEST GIFT YOU’VE RECEIVED RECENTLY - From my husband: the ability to repurpose a diamond necklace he gave me eight years ago into an emerald and diamond ring. It is currently being made so photos to come! While I loved the necklace, especially because he went through the process of choosing the diamond and designing the necklace, I struggle to make necklaces part of my everyday jewelry. Rings on the other hand (no pun intended), I wear consistently.

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Thank you as always for visiting my blog and for taking out the time to read my posts🙏🏽

Lots and lots of love from the stirrer;) Hugs, Sobia


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